Shubhmangal Savadhan

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Shubhmangal Savadhan‘ (2007)

Shubh Mangal Savdhan unfolds a story of a rich farmer, Prataprao Patil (Ashok Saraf) and his daughter, Supriya (Urmila Kanetkar). Supriya, living in an urban city marries Yashodhan, Indian but culturally western. Their marriage not only concerns the spouses but their families too. When these two prominent and identically opposite cultured families stand in the same way, there always arise a problem. The film deals with clash of western culture and rich values of Indian culture rooted in rural India.

Director: Mahesh Kothare
Writers: Milind Shintre, Hemant Edalabadkar
Stars: Ashok Saraf, Reema, Nirmiti, Urmila
Courtesy : Video Palace