Tula Shikwin Chaanglach Dhada

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Tula Shikwin Chaanglach Dhada‘ (2007)

Sanjay Narvekar and Makrand Anaspure are acting buffs, who are rejected by a film director Mohan Joshi. Sanjay later falls in love with Rujuta Dehmukh and marries her, unaware of the fact that her uncle is the same director who rejected him. Seeking to teach the man a lesson, Sanjay brings Makrand into the house as a chef. Mohan meanwhile suspects Makrand of having an affair with his niece. How the tangle is resolved acuminating into a rib tickling climax forms the rest of the story.

Director: Girish Mohite
Writers: Milind Shintre, Hemant Edalabadkar
Stars: Sanjay Narvekar, Makrand Anaspure, Mohan Joshi.
Courtesy : Video Palace