Releasing Date : 30th March 2018
Cast: Shrikant Patil, Yogita Chavan, Nagesh Bhosale, Kishor Kadam, Kushal Badrike, Pankaj Vishnu
Director: Anand (Anddy)
Music Director: Shreyashh, Ashwin Bhandare
Production Company: R. B. Productions
Producers: Siva Kumar. R
Genre: Comedy/Drama

  • Story 45% 45%
  • Direction 40% 40%
  • Performance 55% 55%
  • Cinematography 50% 50%
  • Music 40% 40%

This is a story of Gajanan whos father is a poor farmer hence he is forced to go to the city to earn for his family leaving his family and love…Gauri. Its a symbolic story of a mostly youth of rural maharashtra.