7 Indian States to be a Part of the Marathi Movie Sorry

Marathi cinema has never failed to impress us; it always has something different to offer to its viewers. And here’s another reason for the fans of Marathi cinema to rejoice as an upcoming Marathi movie promises to take us across 7 Indian states and so many more cities.

The movie in question is titled Sorry and features Sourabh Chinmulla and Sulakshana Rai in lead roles. The story is about a college student who is drawn towards a writing career. However, in a bid to become a writer, he finds himself trapped in his own character. Whether he manages to come out of it or loses himself in the process is for you to find. The story sounds gripping and looks promising.

The makers of the movie opine that this movie carries a strong message, especially for those who eat, breathe, and live work. The theme is quite relatable but only time will tell whether it is received well in public or falls flat.

What’s interesting about Sorry is that it is being shot across various locations in India, including Jama Masjid, Dharmashala, Buddha Temple, Basilica De Bom Jesus Church Goa, Golden Temple of Amritsar, and Vaijyanath Shiva Temple. To be precise, the film will cover 7 Indian states and 45 locations, which is quite a feat.

Directed by Yogesh Gosavi and produced by Dattatray Gosavi, the film also stars Mahi Kapoor, Samruddhi Pache, Chandrakant Bamne, Pooja Meshram, and Dr. Sanjivkumar Patil. Srirang Dhavale has lent music to this movie and the cinematography is by Harshad Mujumdar.

Premiered in 2017, Sorry will hit the theatres in May this year. Summers just got interesting, hasn’t it?