Adinath Kothare on His Choice of Great Scripts and Marathi Cinema

Owe it to his renowned dad or to his experience, Adinath Kothare has attested that he is a serious actor and not the one to be taken for a ride. Unlike other young actors who would jump up at almost any opportunity knocking their door, Kothare is selective and cautious when it comes to work. The 33-year-old knows exactly what he wants and doesn’t bow down to peer pressure.

The handsome actor was introduced to the world of acting at the tender age of 10 and since has been exposed extensively to the nuances of cinema, Marathi cinema to be precise. He worked as a child actor in his actor-director dad, Mahesh Kothare’s movie Maza Chakula, in 1994. However, it was only in 2013 that he tasted success with Zapatlela 2, which was his dad’s first true 3d film.

On being asked about what is that helps him make decisions about projects, he says, “I feel that a great script and a great team is the ideal combination. When you put the two together, it automatically translates to magic on the screen. For me, it doesn’t matter what character I am playing, because I believe that if the script is great, every character will be great.”

Kothare junior is very proud to be associated with Marathi cinema. He finds Marathi movies to be content driven and credits great scripts to be the main cause of Marathi film industry’s growth. He specifically mentions Shwaas (2004) to have taken the Marathi film industry to another level. In his words, the “star of any film is the ‘script’.”

If there is one thing Kothare is not very happy about, it is how the industry doesn’t recognise the writers. He feels saddened to see the writers not being paid their worth and how they often go unrecognised. However, he hopes things to get better as the demand for good writers is increasing. Personally, he appreciates the work of Paresh Mokashi, Nitin Dixit, Kiran Yadnyopavit, and Kshitij Patwardhan.