Babo (31st May 2019)
Cast: Sayaji Shinde, Kishore Kadam, Bharat Ganeshpure, Kishor Choughule, Nisha Parulekar.
Director: Ramesh Chaudhary.
Music Director : Harsh Karan Aditya.
Producer : Sachin Bhaurao Pawar, Trupti Sachin Pawar.
Production Company: Malhar Film Creation.
Genre: Comedy/Drama.

  • Story 60% 60%
  • Direction 65% 65%
  • Performance 70% 70%
  • Cinematography 60% 60%
  • Music 55% 55%

Babo is a Movie as Kus-Budruk is a small village nestling at the foothills of a mountain. There are two factions here, divided by cast and constantly fighting each other. Caught up on each side of these conflicts is a young couple: Babloo and Munni. 

When the news breaks that a catastrophe is about to befall the village and its people, they are faced with a trouble way bigger than their petty ego clashes. Will the people finally unite in the face of this calamity. And what will become of Babloo and Munni?