Bodhi (Coming Soon)
Cast: Shashank Shende, Ninad Mahajani, Ketaki Narayan, Lucky Singh.
Director:  Vinit Chandrasekharan.
Music : Advait Nemlekar
Production Company:
Moshe Production
Genre: Drama

Drought stricken eastern part of Maharashtra where close to 23,000 farmers have committed suicides since 2009, the Christian missionaries decide to sell the land which was given to the lower cast in exchange of their conversion to Christianity a couple of decades back. Father Benedict Deddario, is entrusted with this task. His biggest paix de la résistance is the poor local lower cast leader Vinya. Aside from the matter of land Benedict is most shaken by Vinya’s resilience and unwillingness to convert to Christianity. Benedict will stop at nothing to not only sell the land but also to get Vinya to convert. Even if that means using Vinya’s power hungry wife against him. While Vinya has to come to terms with a suicide that he could have prevented, especially when he had seen father do the same.