Wanna know a bit private talk about Mrunal Dusanis? her husband was confused whether she only wears ethnic wares or she wears western outfits as well ? Majhiya Priyala Prit Kalena this was her first Marathi show as a lead actress, she is so simple and innocent. When she entered in the industry everyone was captive of her simplicity and innocence. Throughout her career she has maintained her simplicity. She has never ever caught in any remorse or controversies, She tied a knot by typical arrange marriage system.

When her husband came to know that his would be better half is an actress, being curious he searched herself of the Google, he only found her simple pictures.

Maziya Priyala Preet Kalena

Maziya Priyala Preet Kalena

When he met her first time he asked her , whether you only wear ethnic outfits or do you ever wear western outfits as well ?

Mrunal Dusanis And Neeraj More

she got married with a software engineer Neeraj More,  who has settled at America. He has his job at America.

Being in a film industry it is quite difficult to be away from any controversy, but Mrunal is an exceptional for this. Not only she has maintained her simplicity but also she has kept herself away from all rubbish, baseless controversies. She is also a good dancer.  Her fans like her in that way as well ..

Recently she has shared a video in that she said that very soon, she will in India. her fan will see her very soon in her new look, as she has not yet unfolded her plans about to return in the industry, but that is for sure she has taken a break for some time , she has not left the industry. So be ready to see her again our favorite one ,I am sure that she will once again make everyone captives of her beauty, simplicity and innocence.