Judgement (24th May 2019)
Cast: Pratik Deshmukh, Tejashree Pradhan, Mangesh Desai, Madhav Abhyankar.
Director: Sameer Ramesh Surve.
Music Director : Naval Shastri.
Producer : Pralhad Khandare.
Production Company: Jyotsna Films.
Genre: Drama.

  • Story 60% 60%
  • Direction 70% 70%
  • Performance 75% 75%
  • Cinematography 65% 65%
  • Music 50% 50%

Based on Nila Satyanarayan`s novel `Runn`, the story revolves around a maniac IAS officer, who tortures his wife with the disappointment upon having two girl children and no son. Tragedy befalls when the woman is found dead while she undergoes an illegal fetus test in her third pregnancy. She is survived by her father and two daughters, one of which grows up to become an advocate and gets the case reopened to fight for justice for her mother. Will Justice prevail?