Khari Buscuit (1st November 2019)
Cast: Sushant Shelar, Vedashree Khadilkar & Adarsh Kadam.
Music Director
: Amitraj, Suraj-Dhiraj, Sayali Khare.
Director : Sanjay Jadhav.
Producer: Deepak Pandurang Rane.
Production Company: Zee Studios, Dreaming 24.
Genre: Drama.

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Khari Biscuit is a story of a small boy who’s name is Biscuit . Biscuit will do anything for his five-year-old blind sister Khari, to protect her from their cruel reality. He gets her everything she wants and through his many shenanigans she comes to believe that the world is a beautiful place. Then one day she says she wants to watch the Cricket World Cup. Will Biscuit be able to make her dream come true? This Marathi movie is directed by Sanjay S Jadhav.