Laal Batti (23rd August 2019)
Cast: Mangesh Desai, Bhargavi Chirmule, Chhaya Kadam, Manoj Joshi, Ramesh Wani, Abhay Dakhane, Meera Joshi, Tejas.
Director: Girish Mohite.
Music Director
: Avinash Vishwajit.
Writer : Abhay Dakhane.
Producer: Santosh Sonawdekar.
Production Company: Sai Cinema.
Genre: Drama.

  • Story 70% 70%
  • Direction 65% 65%
  • Performance 75% 75%
  • Cinematography 60% 60%
  • Music 50% 50%

Laal Batti examines the unseen facets of the day-to-day lives of policemen. Oftentimes, the public regards the men in khaki as irredeemable and corrupt, choosing to maintain a safe distance from them. The film aims to correct this warped perception by presenting a humane portrait of our country`s law-enforcement officers