Rahul Chaudhari of Bandookya Fame Ready with his Next Film Iblis

Rahul Manohar Chaudhari shot to fame with his reality-based Marathi movie Bandookya. The film provoked a need for social change with its effective storyline and subtle acting. Besides, it went on to bag six nominations and four National Awards! Following this success, Rahul is now ready with his next film titled Iblis.

Bandookya (2017)

Produced and directed by Rahul, the logo of the movie was recently launched by Tesha Girlchild & Abhi Films Productions. Iblis in Marathi means someone who is street smart and has a strategic approach.

However, the logo begs to differ with its actual meaning. Look closely and you will realise that the film is set in the backdrop of a tenth standard history class. How the title of the movie is related to a history class is not known and that has triggered curiosity in the minds of many.

Coming to the star cast of Iblis, not much is known either. The makers of the movie have kept everything under wraps and perhaps have a bigger plan in mind. We don’t have any clue on who will be starring in this movie that is expected to hit the theatres on April 20 this year.

The countdown has begun and we are looking forward to a grand opening of the movie. After the enormous success of Bandookya, the expectations from Rahul are high and we hope he doesn’t disappoint us. Here’s wishing good luck to the entire cast and crew of Iblis.