Rampat (17th May 2019)
Cast: Abhinay Berde, Kashmira Pardeshi, Kushal Badrike, Priya Berde, Abhijeet Chavan .
Director: Ravi Jadhav.
Music Director : Chinar Mahesh.
Producer : Mangesh Kulkarni (Zee Studios) and Meghna Jadhav.
Production Company: Zee Studios and Athaansh Communications.
Genre: Comedy/Drama.

  • Story 60% 60%
  • Direction 70% 70%
  • Performance 65% 65%
  • Cinematography 70% 70%
  • Music 65% 65%

Aspiring for instant fame and fortune, Mithun from Solapur and Munni from Kolhapur travel to Mumbai, where the bittersweet struggle of their journey to accomplish their dreams begins. The wisdom they gain from their troubles will teach these youngsters to work harder and hustle for an “all-time hit” rather than a “one-time hit”.