Rom Com (18th October 2019)
Cast: Vijay Gite, Madhura Vaidya, Kishor Kadam, Chhaya Kadam, Asit Redij, Antara Patil, Shweta.
Music Director
: Sajan Patel And Ameya Nare.
Director : Gorakh Jogdande.
Producer: Sachin Shinde, Sushil Sharma.
Production Company: Dream Launcher Entertainment, Remolo Entertainment.
Genre: Drama.

  • Story 50% 50%
  • Direction 60% 60%
  • Performance 55% 55%
  • Cinematography 60% 60%
  • Music 60% 60%

Rom Com is a story of Rahul, a carefree and mischievous guy, has dreams of becoming an actor. His life takes a turn when he falls for Suman, a girl from a rich and cultured family-who is engaged to be married! Will Rahul be able to charm her in time?