Sachin Kundalkar to Shoot Pondicherry on a Smartphone

Recipient of two National Awards, Sachin Kundalkar has given some amazing movies in the form of Restaurant, Nirop and Gandha, all of which have graced the Marathi film industry and established his name as a prominent director. His latest movie Gulabjaam was also appreciated for its genre and script.

Kundalkar is now gearing up for his next, titled Pondicherry. As the name suggests, the movie will be shot in the beautiful town of Pondicherry and is supposed to be “a travel and vacation film”. The director feels a need for change, and a shift in terrain is something that can work in the favour or Marathi cinema. Most of the Marathi films are shot in Mumbai, Pune or the Konkan region and that is one reason, Kundalkar wants to shoot his next in Pondicherry. Pondicherry is a picturesque town and he wants to capture its beauty through his film.

The movie will commence its shoot from November this year but what makes the film interesting is the way it will be shot. The Marathi film director wants to shoot the entire movie on a smartphone and finds the idea free of shooting hassles.

Though it will require a lot of planning, it will be devoid of the nuisances that most shooting locations throw at the directors. Shooting on phone is not easy and he had to modify the script of the film to suit the shooting format.

Kundalkar got the kick seeing the opening sequence of Gulabjaam that was shot on a smartphone. He found it appealing and thought of giving it a full-fledged try in Pondicherry. However, he elucidates that shooting on a phone won’t restrict it to be a festival film and that it will be released in theatres just like his other films. “Marathi cinema allows me this exploration and experimentation because it is content-driven,” he adds.

He is yet to decide on the star cast for Pondicherry but is sure that he wants to work only with established actors. Kundalkar, along with Tejas Modak has worked on the script of this movie and we cannot wait to see their work transform on screen.