Smile Please (19th July 2019)
Cast: Lalit Prabhakar, Mukta Barve, Prasad Oak, Aditi Govitrikar.
Director: Vikram Phadnis.
Music Director : Rohan-Rohan.
Producer : Nisha Sujan, Saanika Gandhi.
Production Company: Everest Entertainment, Sunshine tudios, A Hashtag Film Studio, Krtyavat Production’s Film.
Genre: Drama/Romance.

  • Story 60% 60%
  • Direction 65% 65%
  • Performance 70% 70%
  • Cinematography 70% 70%
  • Music 55% 55%

Smile Please is a movie of Nandini Joshi, an award-winning photographer, is going through a personal crisis. Even as her busy husband and stubborn daughter continue to neglect her, Nandini struggles to find a sense of purpose and dignity. Will she ever rediscover the lost verve for life?