Triple Seat (25th October 2019)
Cast: Ankush Chaudhari, Shivani Surve, Pravin Tarde, Pallavi Patil, Rakesh Bedi, Vidyadhar Joshi, Vaibhav Mangle & Yogesh Shirsath.
Music Director
: Avinash Chandrachud & Vishwajeet Joshi.
Director : Sanket Pavse.
Producer: Narendra Shantikumar Firodia & Swapnil Sanjay Munot.
Production Company: Anushka Motion Pictures and Entertainment, Ahemadnagar Film Company.
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance.

  • Story 60% 60%
  • Direction 65% 65%
  • Performance 75% 75%
  • Cinematography 60% 60%
  • Music 55% 55%

A young, happy couple`s life gets turned upside down when the guy receives a call from an unknown woman who claims to be in danger. A new take on the classic love triangle, Triple Seat brings to you a light-hearted story about wireless love.