Asehi Ekda Vhave

Everyone dreamt to live a normal life though whether a person is special or not.  Sympathy makes man useless, by keeping this thought Siddharth wants to live life as per his terms. This is story of a more sensitive and special boy. Sidhharth (Umesh Kamat). he and his sister Revati (Sharvani Pillai) have their own big company . being a owner of the company Sidhharth is not that much comfortable with other people even employees of his own company. Purposely he avoids meeting unknown people or strangers. But he has good poetic sense so writes poems. And he loves to listen RJ Kiran’s radio show (Tejashri Pradhan) Asehi Ekada vhave tackled some innovative subject very subtly. As everyone is aware about Umesh’s acting skills , he has given his best to his character. For company’s promotion Sidhharth selects Kiran and her Radio during their first meet Kiran didn’t come to know that Sidhharth is a blind. Gradually they share their interests with each other and eventually they fall in love with each other .

At first half of the film you may feel bore because it has so many brands’ promotion. I do understand this is a part of business. But after that story take a pick up.

Film is shot well. Though at initially audiences guess the ending of the film, very finely Shushrut Bhagwat has directed it well. Asehi Ekda Vhave, you will be in love with all those verses , those are written according each situation. Those are fabulous , I know Abhijeet Joshi has penned down them as per requirement. Well written dialogue by Sanjay Mone, he is a great actor with that he is also a good writer.

As usual Umesh Kamat takes all credit with his acting skills. Whereas Tejashri is bit uncomfortable at the beginning few scenes. After that slowly she opened up herself. Sharvani has big role in the film but somehow she fails to give justice to her character. Kavita Lad, Chirag Patil, Nikhil Rajeshirke, as comparatively they share less screen time but have given proper justice to their role. Even after the film audiences will remember them. Film has heart touchy songs for this definitely  credit goes to Avdhoot Gupte and Advait Patwardhan.

At  the end though film doesn’t have that much of capacity but I am sure this will not lose audiences hopes. There are few unnecessary things , which certainly make feel audiences, does it really need ?

Do watch it to get more insights