Gulabjaam: A dessert

Yummy, mouth watering, spicy, tasty, sweet, delicious …etc, these are an inadequate adjectives to describe another treat by Sachin Kundalkar. After much awaiting of Vajandar, Sachin Kundalkar is coming up with ‘Gulabjaam’. As he is my favorite director who is obsessed with food or much foodie. Whose fans will again witness of visual extravaganza and ewach frame just like his previous film. Teaser of Gulabjaam is mind blowing. Sachin Kundalkar is a brilliant director , who is also known for his extra ordinary skills of handling various subjects of films in subtly. That makes him very special and different from other film makers.

Gulabjaam is journey of protagonist who aspires to be a great , extra ordinary , brilliant cook, his encounter with various spices, his struggles. Teaser speaks a lot about it. I like it , teaser suggests that you will also get various cooking tips while watching the movie.

Siddharth Chandekar and Sonali Kulkarni have definitely given justice to their roles. That we will come to know once we will have Gulabjaam. I do suggest just once watch the teaser, you will boost up your hunger for Gulabjaam..

I am eagerly waiting for Gulabjaam, till the time wait and boost your hunger and save some space in your stomach to have sweet mouth watering desert.

All of his fans stretch your excitement and be ready for desert, reserved your seat before someone gets these , because Gulabjaam will be served on 16th Feb 2018.

I have reserved my seat now it’s your turn. So wait for sweet, watery, ‘Gulabjaam’