Nudity always leads to physicality of human body. Apart from Nude’s dictionary meaning, it also has some connotation and denotation, let’s have a look what will be talked through Nude by Ravi Jadhav? Have you seen recent trailer launch of “Nude”? The trailer is dedicated to nude models who dared to bare their body & soul to educate an artist. This is a fantastic, one of my favorite Marathi director, who has always tackled some realistic subjects very subtly. His way of depicting story is quite unique in nature. He talks more through his works.

Ravi Jadhav’s Marathi film Nude was in the eye of a storm. The film revolves around the lives of women who act as nude models for artists, and in particular, a mother’s efforts to hide the truth of her profession from her son.

It stars Kalyanee Mulay, Chhaya Kadam and Madan Deodhar. Actors have given justice to their respective roles. First time Nasirruddin Shah will be seen as an artist. Nasirruddin Shah is one the best actor, who justifies his part very well. Kalyanee Mulay is alumina from NSD (National School of Drama) a very well actress, she has played a role of a mother , who tries to educate her son with loads of misery she is facing. Her endurance makes it extra ordinary.

Chhaya Kadam again an excellent actress, she always gives justice to her character whether it is big or small. I like her the most as has a power to make the character as real as possible. Ravi Jadhav has tried his best to serve you another different untouched topic of film, he is a director who is known for uniqueness of film’s title.

Watch trailer of Nude to get more insights. Nude will be unveiled on the 27th April 2018. Be a witness of fascinating, struggle of a mother to survive in the sea of people.